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                            Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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                            HELP DESK SUITE

                            Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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                            FAQ BUILDER

                            Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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                            Plugins & Integrations
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                            FAQ / SELF SERVICE
                            CALL MANAGEMENT

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                            $21.00 / month

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                              Chat / SMS Support Ticket FAQ / Self Service Call Management
                              $21 / agent / month $21 / agent / month $21 / agent / month $9 / agent / month
                            Realtime Visitor Monitoring ?      
                            Customer Lists ?    
                            Social Integration ?    
                            Custom Information Feed ?      
                            Advertising Billboards ?      
                            SMS Chat ?      
                            Facebook & Twitter Integrations?    
                            Intelligent Triggers & Automations?    
                            Plugins & Integrations ?
                            Fully customizable with CSS ?
                            CRM Integrations ?    
                            Remote Assistance ?      
                            Eventing API / Webhooks?      
                            Enterprise Reporting & Analytics ?
                            Customizable Surveys ?    
                            Multibrand Support ?
                            Intelligent Canned Messages ?    
                            Automatic Language Translation ?      
                            Chat Whisper ?      
                            Inquiry Transfer ?    
                            Spell Check ?    
                            File Transfer / Attachments ?
                            PCI / HIPAA, Financial grade security ?  
                            Conversion Tracking?    
                            Secure Forms ?  
                            Automatic Inquiry Tagging ?
                            Customizable Email Form ?      
                            Chat-to-Ticket ?      
                            Agent permissions and restrictions ?  
                            Filter & Search ?
                            Support Ticket Status updates ?      
                            Exportable Inquiries ?    
                            Self-service FAQ Articles ?      
                            Fully Customizable FAQ Site ?      
                            Call logs ?      
                            Capture Callback Requests ?      
                            Beautifully integrated Chat, Ticket and Knowledge base ?
                            Call center ready ?
                            Video chat ?
                            Visitor banning ?
                            US Based phone, chat & email support ?

                            BIG TEAM? BIGGER OFFERS.

                            We can handle any size team you have. From a few to 1000's, it doesn't matter.

                            Enterprise - additional $15 / agent / month Chat / SMS Support Ticket FAQ / Self Service Call Management
                            3 year storage ?
                            Unlimited multibrand support ?
                            Unlimited Visitor & and Ticket Triggers ?
                            Dedicated 24 / 7 software engineer support ?
                            IP Restricted Account Access ?
                            Product Training & Private Training Webinars ?
                            Up to 50 text-enabled landline numbers ?
                            Request custom features with guaranteed timely delivery ?
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